Private Pool

I have this pool in my backyard and when i invite friends over i always tell them that if they have to pee they dont have to go all the way back into the house. They can just pee in the pool like i do all the time. i tell them that i dont care if they pee in my pool that it is cool.
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6 Responses May 16, 2012

do u take some pictures peeing into the pool?

It's cool you let people pee in the pool. :)

I love your way of thinking. I would also love to pee in the pool but I would rather do it with you ;)


Can I come pee with you in that pool?

sure anytime

Sounds good. Message me sometime ;)


I only let women pee, in my pool.

really. would that include me?

Anytimes darling, my pool is a toilette to you!

I don't let anybody entering home from pool just to ****. Girls like you is alowed to let it go in pool and guys must pee under the threes.

It's not an "ool" it's a "pool" cause it's got the "p" in it.<br />
I think it would be cool to pee in your pool, too.

It would be cool.