Peeing On The Floor And In The Pool

Another time when I was at a public pool, I was standing up and waiting for my friend when I realized
that I had a full bladder. Before I had time to react, warm pee was spraying onto the floor through the bottoms of my bikini. Without thinking I jumped into the pool and let the rest of my pee flow into the water. Next
time I think I'll stand in the open and pull aside my bikini bottoms and let everyone watch my stream of **** ;)
xellexx xellexx
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I'd so love to watch that

keep it off it would make the people get hard and poop on it

Keep the bikini bottoms on- it's lovely to see it spread through the material.
Also, it flows down your legs nicer.
Awesom post - thank you