Fun On A Hot Day

A few days ago it was really hot here in Australia. It was about 38 degrees. It was so hot that on the radio and T.V they were warning people to stay in doors or in the shade if they are out doors. Also they said that people had to advoid exercising and to drink lots of water.

So cause of the heat I decide to go and sit in the blow-up pool we have. It a nice size, when sitting the water goes up to my shoulders. It worked well with cooling down cause of the heat.

Dad decide to cool down in the pool too. So I relaxed in the pool for a few hours. After a few hours I started to feel the effects of the amount of water I had drank. I really need to pee but I didn't want to get out.

Dad was still in the pool with me when I need to pee. I didn't have to wait long for Dad to get out.

Once Dad was out and back inside, I let a little bit of pee out. I felt the warm pee spread over my *****, my swim shorts keeping the warmth from escaping. I continued to move around and letting pee out here and there.

I was looking water logged and I was getting hungry by the time I decided to let it all go. I got into a comfortable sitting position and forced all my pee out. I felt warmth spread over my *****, it was such a turn on. Because my short were tight, specially around my *****, I could feel my **** rub against my swim shorts when I moved, even just a little. The combination of both my pee and swim short on my **** I was so horny.

When I got out of the pool and went and changed into dry clothing, I felt myself and my ***** was unbelievable wet.

Peeing in the pool through my swim shorts was a orgasmic feeling. I plan on peeing in the pool again but with out my swim shorts on or with then down so I can feel the pee against my finger tips.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I'd love to be in the pool with you

Great story! I have to say though, it's still bloody hot! :)