My Sister And Her Friends Dressed Me As A Baby In Diapers

When I was growing up there was a storage room next to my room in the attic. I used to play by myself there a lot. I opened this cedar chest one day to find a bunch of girls old style cloths. I am not certain where they all came from but they were Beautiful! Petticoats leggings, panties, pinafores, shoes, some kind of rhumba pants. A parasol and some other very exciting things a young boy who always wondered what a girl must feel like, found VERY compeling. My hands were shaking immediately for some reason as I took the treasures out of the chest. Talk about a Booty! I was instantly dressing up in those outfits before I even thought about it. Later I was playing in the attic with my sister and friends. We were playing house and I was the baby. Sister was 9yrs older than me. We began playing with the stuff in the trunk and I ended up dressed in a petticoat and diapers! The older girls were really into it! I was 9 at the time and had been a bedwetter till 7 and the girls were teasing me about it. This only happened once and for 3yrs I went around thinking about what had happened to me... I would lock myself up in the attic in the middle of the night and dress up as a girl! When I was 12 I noticed that every week on Sunday there was an ad for incontinent pants and I ordered some. When they finally arrived (it seemed to take a lifetime) I could hardly open the package my fingers were so shakey. Some nights I would wear them to bed and occasionally they would leak and my mom would ask "what's going on"? I never knew what to say... She took me to a Dr. and he said he couldn't find anything wrong. So my mom put a waterproof rubber sheet on my mattress. The short version is that I have been a BIG Sissy Wetter ever since and......... I LOVE IT!
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We had a cedar chest too, filled with many magical things. Perhaps the final baking of some life long desires.

thanks for sharing ur secret experience with us. i just wish u got to have more experiences with ur sister so u could have enjoyed being babied more often. i wonder if u feel some regret that like that as well. i hope u have some one to help u enjoy being a sissy baby now. it seems like lots of ppl never get to do the stuff they really luv as much as they would like to. i wonder if u like to write about ur experiences and pleasures. i find it helps me understand myself better when i do that.

How I would loveto live next door to someone like you