Playing House

when i was about 9 and my sis was in her teens we alwys played house in my room. she would act like she was pregnant and i was her baby. when we act like we was at church she would tell me to cry. when i did she took me to the closet which was the bathroom she would tell me to ***** down and bend over and she would spank me and she would diaper me and act like i was being fed like a baby. i thought that i was in heaven playing that . sometimes i wish it all came true.
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3 Responses May 25, 2012

at one foster home i lived at my house mom had friends that came over to visit like lots of times. they had two girls that were like five years oldern me that liked to play house just like your friend did. they knew i wore diapers for nights so they would ask my mom if they could put my diapers on while we were playing "house". she thought it was cute or something so it was like ok if i was the pretend baby. i knew even back then that i totally luved being babied so i would drink out of a baby bottle and wet my diapers so they could change me. they got in a little bit of trouble by changing me too often though because my mom told them my diapers cost too much to waste so they had to wait till they were like totally soaked before they could change me. that just made them coax me to drink more so i would wet more. i also remember the girls getting scolded for "playing" with my penis too much when they changed me. our moms were kind of laughing about it though so it didnt really stop them. they were just like more secretive when they did it. i just know i luved seeing them coming to visit and was probably so willing everybody could see how much i luved playing "baby".<br />
one experience i remember especially was when a day they brought one of their playmates with them. i guess she had probable never seen a little boy undressed before and wanted to touch my penis while i was getting powdered as i was getting diapered. they all were giggling and stuff and it made me start laughing too. i wish i could remember if it was because it was getting stiff or something. i was too young then to really understand when that was happening. i just knew it felt "funny" (good) when i was being touched and made getting diaper changes very pleasurable. the smell of baby powder and baby oil still is like really pleasant to me.<br />
one of the nice things that came out of those "playing house" games was my house mom letting me have a baby bottle for naps and night times. she had it up in a cabinet in the kitchen and gave it to the girls to "play" with that first time, but she let me keep it after that when i begged her not to take it away from me. she would fill it for me before i went to sleep, hoping it would help me from sucking my thumb so much while i was asleep. at least thats what i heard her say to someone who asked her why i got a bottle. maybe it was just because she saw how much i luved it. she was pretty nice to me. i wish i could have stayed there longer.

Did your sister ever spank you in the diaper position? I remember when i was 4-5 years old my mom would somtimes lift up my legs and smack the backs of my thighs and my hiney with a ruler. That stung!

When I was about 8 or 9 years old a girl I liked used to get me to play house. She wanted me to be the baby which I had no problem with. I remember her taking my pants down to put me in a nappy. I was hard. What she didn't know was I already wanted nappies again back then. I can't remember what else happened though.