But I'm Trying to Change That.........

~ By surrounding myself with people who care for me. By being a friend to myself, even when I'm being a *****. Mahahaha! I am coming to realize with the help of my friends on EP, that I'm an amazing woman. That I deserve all the good things I can grab a hold of. That is an amazing thing for me to start believing in. I'm still scared, & there are still voices inside my head underminding what I am trying to do but they aren't as loud as they use to be. I'm winning, at least I am today. =] For me, it's hard to stop the records, but I'm doing my best & I have someone who is taking the time to help me accept ME. Thank you darlin'..... You already know how much I appreciate you. You are one of my bestest friends....... ~

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

hope your able to find yourself.then maybe you will become more self confident.