You Needed Me, So I Did

I knew who you were . . .

You walk by and smile, I feel warmth and fuzzy. I close my eyes and everything seems so okay. I feel like I belong, like I am important to you. I sit and listen to you tell me all the bad things, the bad person you are, why I should run. I knew you from the start, I knew what you are about. I encourage you to have no fear. I let you use me, I let you abuse me, always welcomed you back. Don't do it, I respected you for you, but don't do that.

I sit in darkness scared of you. I sit in fear you will come to the room. There is a room shrouded by my heart; I want you to never enter, but you force your way. You lie and say you would never do that, not to me, so I ease my tension. You get drunk with emotions and force your way in. You talk of happiness and deserving. You take what innocence I have left. Now you talk of repentance and how you want to make right. Like it wasn't that big of a deal. Like I can sweep it under the rug. You should have never violated my trust. How will you make up for that?
worknplayhard13 worknplayhard13
36-40, M
Sep 18, 2012