Im Alive

today i felt a little emotional, in the morning,suddenly i started to miss my soulmate, with in seconds he was beside me ,not in reality through my mental psychic link i was dancing as this totally uplifts me ,but suddenly i found his hands on my hips and i my hair brushing on to his face i caught site of his hair and his blue eyes, his gentle breathing on my neck,i had on celine dion im alive this is my song to him as this is how he makes me feel inside the power of our energys merging is awsum to say the least .every part of my body every cell was dancing with me in rythem .when he turned around and we were standing there his eyes on me i could sence we were one ,his soul crossed my own soul and stood inside of each other. i held out my hand too welcome him .its amazing how i feel when im with my soulmate we soar our souls .you can feel the heat from each other the passion of flames they run high.energys into the middle of us seeing them so brightly entwining. iam truly blesed with him. i know this.x
trishkhb trishkhb
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4 Responses Apr 1, 2011

yes iam lucky too that i found him that we found each other.thanks bro for sharing that :))<3

he is lucky too dear sis :O) <3

thankyou for your comment blessings dear friend.,<3