Statistics The Clinic Won't Tell You... And Healing

The details of my abortion is not what I want to discuss here, if you are reading this it is fairly probable that you have had or are considering an abortion.  I am sure you have read other stories with details of feeling scared, lost, without choice and a plethora of other emotions, reasons and rationales, and like myself there are probably parts of some or all of those stories that you can identify with.  Firstly I will address those considering abortion, there is a common thread of thought in contemporary society (predominantly western) that your life is over when you have children, and with a view that children are a hindrance, it is true, children are hard work, but they are amazing.  Your life is not over it just changes- for the better, you can still study, travel and socialise its just a little trickier (I am a single mother that attends university).  The possible negative emotional ramifications of abortion are significant; in 1992 the British Journal of Psychiatry published a review of over 70 studies which found that psychological or psychiatric disturbances occur in association with abortion and seem marked, severe or persistent in approximately 10% of cases, it also states that 10% is probably an underestimate.  In addition, the UK Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the effect of abortion on women found 87% of women it surveyed experienced long-term emotional consequences. Choose life, not just for your child but also for yourself.  If you really don’t want a child, and some people don’t, which is understandable- adopt them out and give an amazing gift to someone that can’t have children. 
To the women who are suffering from post abortion regret, my heart is with you, healing is hard.  Rachel’s vineyard retreat is amazing, it gives you time to mourn and acknowledge the significance of your loss.  It is religious, however I believe it is suitable for even those that are non-religious.  Be brave, tell your story and help inform others of the negative effects of abortion, turn your pain into something positive.  I have gone through many emotions, feeling worthless and less than human was the worst, and as a mother now, feeling like I could never really be a ‘real’ mother, that is whole and complete.  The pain I have felt is profound however I came to realise that by virtue of that pain I am human, and a mother and worthwhile, and as thus I view it as privilege- the ability to feel.  Stay strong.
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I appreciate all the things you have mentioned. Long term effects are rarely mentioned anywhere, but should be disclosed before a decision is made. Thank you. I hope some children are born because of this information.