The Day I Lost My Baby!!

I'm 15 now and I don't care what anyone thinks about but yes I had an abortion and it was and still is the worst pain I have ever gone through in my life so far, my baby was conceived on August 12th and when I found out I was on top of the world and for the next few weeks nothing could get me down ever I was so excited me and my boyfriend already had every thing planned out, names, where we would live and what we do about our education! Nothing could get us down now, we were indestructible as a family.
The hardest part came when I had to tell my parents about being pregnant and that I was going to keep it, I went in with my boyfriend to tell my mum we stood In the kitchen, we told her and that's when our world crumbled apart she refused to be near us if we were deciding to keep the baby and at that moment I walked out I wanted my baby more than I wanted my parents if they were going to do that to me so I packed a bag and walked out. My parents chased me up the road and took me and my boyfriend home and said they would supported me I was happy that I wouldn't have to choose but I should have known better! The next few days my mum and dad would ignore me add pretend I wasn't there and then it hit me what they did when my mum didn't wake me up for school one day because I was late she said she would take me but instead of going to school I went to the doctors she had already filled out forms and everything so I would have the abortion no matter what I wanted. After that refused to be part of the family and I wouldn't be seen with them for what they were doing to me and making me do. At this time I was 9 weeks but I already knew so much about my baby and I will never forget that, I went to bed Every night holding my tummy and woke up everyday and spoke to my baby then the day arrived for the abortion every step of the way I had fort to keep my baby but nothing ever worked doctors only listened to my mum and my boyfriend didn't want my mum to stop me seeing him so did what she wanted.
I got to the hospital and shown to my bed i was sat there wishing I was anywhere but there, but then it happened I was wheeled away I was laid it the room before surgury and started crying and screaming that I couldn't do it but it didn't matter I woke up and my baby had been taken away my mum was smiling but for the next two weeks I didn't leave my room I couldn't face my parents after what they did to me and I still can't properly to this day.
It has been a month since it happened and its a fresh today as it was when I woke up. I lost my baby that day but I also lost the trust for my family, I would do anything to get my baby back and to this day I still look at the sky every night and say how sorry I am and how I should have never been bullied into letting my baby go,
Mummy will always love you my precious baby at least no-one can hurt you now <3 <3 <3

That is my story and I want every girl to know that if it happens to you do what makes you happy not what your boyfriend, partner or parents want cos it's your baby and your the one that will always be the for them no matter who stays by your side <3
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Did you know that your parents had no right legally to force you into an abortion? You ought
to take action against doctors who did it due to your mom's insistence.
If it were my mother, I'd cut her out completely.

I would think parents of all people would truly understand what it means to carry a child. They had no right to take matters into their own hands when it came to YOUR child. You were/are the mother and that baby was with the safest person (you) out of all your family.

They probably do not realize what they have done now, but maybe later, they will, especially when you're grown up more and able to really tell them the kind of pain you've gone through. Right now, they just see you as a teenager, as teenagers are unfortunately not taken seriously most of the time. So, they may think you're just being a drama queen.

But one thing I could not help but think about when it came to your parents was that once the baby was born, they, more than anyone else were likely going to have to care for the baby. You were still in school, probably had a part-time job but you did not have the resources, money, and timing to be prepared for a baby that takes thousands and thousands of dollars to care for. So every time I think of parents getting upset I think about that extra mouth they are forced to feed and that also has to be hard on them to, especially in this economy. So when a teenager gets pregnant, it does affect the family probably more than you think.

But still, it was wrong for them to do that. They should have talked to you.

I just realised your is the date of my first born baby too.

Your little baby is so blessed to have a mummy that loved him and still does to this day. Also check out Rachael's Vineyard.( google). Your story made me cry.

That is horrifying. It's very tragic that your baby's life was ended by its own grandmother. You sound like a very loving and caring person and I think that when you have other children in the future you will be a good mother to them.

Peace and God bless.

I know but my mum never let it be my choice i was forced everyday

<p>sorry it should have been your choice</p>