This past summer when my boyfriend and I went down to Ohio to visit my family, we stopped at the cemetery where most of my passed-on relatives are buried. My mom had a little sister who was stillborn back in the 60's, and my grandfather planted a crab apple tree next to her grave. We picked one of the apples, brought it back to Michigan with us, and planted it in my boyfriend's backyard in honor of our own never-was child. I hope and pray that it sprouts this spring, and grows tall and strong, so that my baby's spirit can play under it forever under our watchful eye. =')

"We plant this apple tree in honor and memory of our first child, our Minisnowcat, who left this world before knowing it. May this tree grow strong and tall, and bear fruit for many years, for us and others. May it add to the beauty of our world. So this is written, so mote it be."
NymphetamineGirlEclipse NymphetamineGirlEclipse
22-25, F
Feb 5, 2014