Not What You Think!

Okay, you pervs! This is not a story of what you think! Truth be told, I don't own any adult gadgets that would need batteries, so there! =p

No, this is a story about my digital cam! It was a present from my best pals, Philip and Sharon. And I do enjoy snapping pics, with my amateur skills in photography! But this tiny cam eats batteries! lol. I am often changing the batteries in it. They don't last long, even the super ultra ones! :-o

And since I got rid of the cd player for my i-pod, I don't keep many batteries around. BUT, I will be sure to stock up on them again! It's so frustrating, when I go to take my mother's pic and then "low battery" flashes on the LDC screen... and then the cam clicks off. :-/

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Feb 25, 2009