Isnt That What They Are For??

Isnt that what the double layer pouch is for in briefs to catch the dribbles?? I am on the the phone at work and have "timed" breaks. I race down to the mens rest room and pull down my trousers and white briefs with just a thumb hook style pull down, and pee quick! I wait till what i feel is the last spurt and unhook my thumb and let my white briefs snap back up with my drippy wet tool going right back where it came from, no time to shake and "try " to get the last dribbles off.... thats what my nice white briefs will do for me!
proboy79 proboy79
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Agree. I've never understood those guys who wait so long in front of the urinal trying to shake off the last drops. Some classmates were much slower than us. We went to ****, we zipped back without shaking and left, while some stayed there shaking, shaking, shaking... That's why they invented the double layer. Men tend to finish it quickly, and the last bit has to go somewhere. A friend Lukas said when others mocked him for "playing" with it that he hated the damp feeling so he had to shake really well. The others replied that he should get used to it like they did. Fortunately I like that wetness in the front.

Of course, that is why our briefs are made with a double layer of absorbent cotton. Surely we misuse them if they remain unstained. For myself, I recognize that need to be quick and not waste time over the toilet (who knows what naughtiness a 'boy' might engage in!), so I accelerate the process even more. By the time the stream of my pee begins to drop and trail off, I pull up an let that waistband snap back in place. As I reach for my pants to pull up, the feel of the wetness spreading a bit in my underpants makes me smile, knowing that I have indeed made sure not to waste needless time. My underpants hole the pee well and by the end of the day, they will display my promptness.