I'm Fine!!

I try to say I'm fine, I'm surviving, I'm here.  I hate getting into details. 

I don't know if I say these things to help convince them or me that I'm fine.  Maybe both.  Usually whatever it is that is bothering me will gets stuffed aside.  I try to move past it.  But you can only bury something for so long until you run out of room.

I have learned to a little of it out here and there, on EP.  It helps.  But I still have those days when in catches up to me.  Those days when I explode and self-destruct.  Sometimes those periods can last for days.

I try to be fine and ok.  I do.  I want to believe I am.  Sometims...I'm not though.  =/   Such is life.
Ladybell Ladybell
31-35, F
Jul 18, 2010