I'm Always Fine

I know it's a standard to say you're fine, but I didn't used to do that. Or at least it depended on the moment and the person I was talking to. I'm not that great of a liar, so I often just said it when I felt bad or I muttered a "mwoa".
But now... the things I have on my mind have gotten deep. The changes in my life are invisible, but present, big and irreversible. That doesn't mean it's completely a bad thing, but it does mean I sometimes feel like trash.
The point is that there's no way for me to explain to anyone how I feel and why I feel it, so I just nod along, say "yes" and to a degree I actually am fine this way.
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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

I have a hard time explaining what I feel and why also. And I understand how, even though the contentment is not there, I still am, and I must go on...and to go on must mean that life is tolerable...and that to a degree...things are fine.