No Need

You know, this ole boy has been around for some time. I spent my whole life around people. You learn after awhile there are just certain people you don't want to ask how they are. The reason I say that is because they only want a pity party. When thier are actually people who are hurting inside. They made mistakes, but who doesn't. Thier are people like me that have some kind of disorder or another. Mine happens to be ADHD, and seizures.But I still say I'm Fine, I don't know why I say it, I just do. But we don't want any pity. We just need  love and understanding and friendship.Some people know when your in need and your hurting inside. We all want to help each other.They also know weather or not you just want to whine. Don't misunderstand me, you need to whine and vent, just don't do it to get attention. You don't have to beg attention from a friend. Thanks for allowing me to whine and vent, Waymor
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Jan 3, 2012