My Unsatisfying Life

But I'm ******* Not.
I'm Sick Of This Life I'm Living.I'm Tired Of Trying To Keep My Depression Under Control,It's Harder Than It Seems.You Try To Be Happy,And Then You Actually Achieve It Then Something Happens And Next Thing You Know Depression Creeps Back Like A Bad Plague.I'm Miserable,My Life Is Boring,And Everything Annoys Me.I'm Done Lying To Myself And Saying Everything Is Fine,Because It's ******* Not.
BlackroseVsWhiterose BlackroseVsWhiterose
18-21, F
4 Responses May 7, 2012

maybe try looking for some forms of innocence. not so much in humans-birds, hummingbirds etc. -for example i saw one of my baby wild red foxes playing with a bird feather for an hour-tossing and throwing it up in the air-very playful stuff.

i know how u feel so much i hate it to

One Of the Worst Feelings, Huh


Keep your head up. After the storm comes a rainbow :) <3

Sis do you need to talk!!? *hugs*

I Can't Do This Anymore.I'm So Sick Of My Life.I Need Someone Here For Me.And I Feel Like No one Is :'(

Love message me we need to talk Bro to Sis. I am here for you always *hugs

Dont feel so like tat... Ther is still lots of things waiting for u.. This is not the END ,but just a BEND..


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