True Friendship Broken Forever

i had a very very good and loving friend who was very caring and i met him by mistake on fb,site where you just cant afford to trust anyone.he was the first person who was the closest to me before him i never had a freind who would talk to me so closely like him..i felt i wa wanted in this lost world, i felt someone atlst misses me,cares for me.we used to tease each other,have fun.i had always wanted to have someone like him/her.he was a blessing to me and would get worried if i wols get depressed,and would try means to make me well.i had never thought a world without him or never had i imagined.he told me that i was his very precious freind and that i was a nice person,sincere.
untill once when a problem occurred on fb that a guy tried to befreind me as one of my freind's profile,and that i had also exchanged no.s with him.but i came to know that too late that he was cheating on me!i told this to my loving frend. i got really upset so he was tring to calm me down and told me to take a promise that i will never accept any more freind requests on fb,to which i promised.but after some days,another guy from my own place send me a freind request.he knew another of my close i asked this close friend about this new guy who sent me a frnd request,she replied that he is a gud guy and not like other flurtish guys,so i accepted his freind request.when i told this to my loving frn he really got pissed with me that i accepted him and broke his promise.soon after that, he said,'i never knew you were like this,i dont want to be your frnd anymore,and said that he hates me!....i felt so bad that i feel like committing suicide now because he is no longer my freind and will never be... i know.. am feeling so guilty now....i want to end my life now,when i told him this he said that he doesnot care,and is not repling to my messages also....i was emotionally very much attached top him...i never knew it could reach so far,and i had forgotten my promise to him also.i really miss him i dont feel like living anymore...he was my inspiration souught of! but now its all over...some one plzzzzzz me!!!!!!!! I WANT TO DIE AND I AM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
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good job

I'm sorry. I can't just tell you to quit being so emotional and dramatic although that is my first impulse. We are all different. Let me put it this way. I hope you toughen up and grow a thicker skin, but if you don't, I hope you find a sensible way to deal with your trouble.

He wasn't your friend, just an aquantance. You need to get counseling to help with your emotions, I am not saying you are bad. I am saying you should not need others to make you feel good, its a learned behaviour that can be fixed. There is no reason to ever think about taking your own life, believe me I have been there. It took a few years of learning how to deal with rejection and accepting that I cannot change anyone but me. I swear to you it works. Start by looking in the mirror and learn to love yourself. We all make mistakes and we all have different strengths or weakness. The good thing is we can change ourselves in big ways. Don't let anyone elses actions push you to give up, your a one of a kind, don't throw it away!

i used to love my self...i have lo0ved the way i look..very sweet and charming...i even love my own smile...ppl say i have a very nice one...but this problem reaaly upset me..and now i really hate my self..some thing which i had never even thought would happen has just happened.
and i dont know what to do!!!!!

hey dont worry....expalin your part to him..he will undersatnd you and must have said him..and then accepted the request were u went wrong....ceratin guys be sensitive nor possesive on you...since u both were good buddies...hearing u broke his promize he would have been upset...leave him for sometime...he will realize soon and come back...or tel him..since he is from ur own place..i wont do it...he will understand....

I am confused, why would he try to limit who you friend?

it hurts when a close friend does that to you but if this person truly cares like they said that they did hed be willing to listen to your side of why you did what you did. i know that you feel as though the worlds going to end but its not. there are alot of ppl here on ep that can and will help you through this but you also need to becareful cause there are ppl who will take advantage of you in the state you're in. all you can truly do is put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward with your life n not look back

Honey, relax, take it easy. If you are really serious about what you said at the end of your story, then please please please find counseling, look for a counselor, find a priest or minister, some suicide hotline. I am just somebody who works with computer business systems and I cannot help you and you need someone to help you. Please get help. No collection of pixels on Facebook is worth all of this upset and anguish.