Sometimes I Forget Who I Am

This week end I caught my boyfriend after being released from jail with a woman at his house. It got ulgy but in the end I realized that going there was a mistaken even though he invited me over just minutes before. I guess I called his bluff.
I say its fine even when I am hurting, confused and feeling cheated. Once you know something you can never unknow it.
This woman sent me a photo of my man's **** as he was stroking it for her in a picture. He denied it as always then turned around and called me a dumb stupid *** for texting this woman.
I am FINE I will speak life into my existance. I will not be down, I will live my life and be the best possible human I can be. I will do what makes me happy, I will not allow this experience to change my character, I am FINE!
TSelina TSelina
2 Responses May 20, 2012

I have always made excuses for him, from the fact that he never had a father around to train him and a mother that had other younger kids to care for because he was a boy she let him raise himself but that is becoming old.<br />
As adults we know what is right and wrong, he just choose to continously make poor choices.

Pull the wool over your own eyes.