I'm Fine

"How are you" they always ask. The easiest lie in the world to tell. I always respond with "I'm fine" because you see from an early age we are taught not to trouble others. They don't really want to know. That don't care about me. It's just a stupid question they don't want to know the answer to. It's easiest to lie and make them happy. That's why I always say I'm fine. But I'm not not at all I'm clinically depressed and I cut and nobody I know gives a sh*t except one of my friends. So yeah I'm not fine. But it's still easier to lie. I don't want to have to explain why I'm not fine.
AlleyFreakingKat AlleyFreakingKat
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I hear ya. I learned a long time ago that people don't care. They don't really want to know. They can't handle the truth.