Saying "I'm fine" is sometimes easier than explaining why I am feeling a certain way. Even though I say that it doesn't always mean just that. Even though I love sharing info about myself when it comes to certain things I keep those to myself. Also saying "I'm fine" is a good way to hide my feelings; feelings that I don't want my friends knowing about. I grew up not sharing much with my friends or family so now when I meet people that ask me if I am okay in regards to hurtful situations or things of that nature I always go with "I'm fine".
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Lots of people do but you can always be honest with me:)

I know that now. Thank you very much for saying that Sonia :)

I try my best to be acceptive and I do think your cool:)

You certainly do and I love that about you. Aww thank you very much :) ^_^

Thanks :)

You're so very welcome Sonia :)


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