Is Anyone Else Like Me?

It doesn't matter if I'm happy, or if I'm sad, or excited, my answer to the question we hear and ask every single day to "How are you?" is always "Im fine." Its weird. I feel awkward if I say anything else. Fine is the easiest answer. Better than "Good" and "Happy" and "Afull" ect. Is anyone else this way?

WinterPrincess21 WinterPrincess21
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11 Responses Jan 3, 2010


Yup, it's me. I just hate explaining things. No one will ask why are you happy, but everyone likes to hear about other people's miseries.

I do it too. Even when my body went into shock, forcing me to pass out and hit the pavement head first after falling through some thorny bushes, my first response was "I'm fine." lol

yea im the same way i dont like to say im doing good or bad cause im not i dont know what i am any more maybe im nothing i dont know

i am the same. been having trouble hidding the scars tho. people are on to me...

I can't remember the last time I looked in someones eyes when they said to me, "How are you?" and saw a desire to really know the truth.

That's how most people answer--"fine." It's the easiest, and besides, who wants to say what they're really going through on the sudden spur of the moment, and most likely the person who asks you this question, "How are you?" is in a hurry and is just trying to be friendly.

i find i say im fine...or when i answer honestly i usually get no response...go figure!!

yes i just do the same even when iam not fine at all ..

I'm exactly the same way. People have learned to stop asking because they know what I'm going to say. Even when I went to the hospital with mono I said "I'm fine". It's force of habit. haha.

I tell my friends how I'm feeling. Most people though, just ask without wanting to really know, so we just give this answer.