.... Ehhh

 I always say I'm fine even if I'm holding by a loose thread, even when the moment where I'm hurt soo bad, and when the person walks away and I just walk away starting to choke on my tears and let out silent sobs, Sometimes I want the person that matters to me, to read my mind and see beyond the fake smile.....and hold me tight and close, rubbing my back and muttering "every things gonna be okay" as I let every tear out that I've been saving up for the past 4 years. But that never happened, and sometimes I just want just one guy to notice me and care for me, and to see beyond that smile I keep on faking....and to notice it in my eyes as they water up and I cant look at anyone anymore and tell that lie I've always have said "I'm Fine"

ImMichaelJacksonBad ImMichaelJacksonBad
18-21, F
Jan 31, 2010