Its My Habit

its my habit to say everyone that i m fine idk why but most of the time i say i m fine even i m not fine.............

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

but sometimes that fake smile can grow on you and then you're not faking it anymore. I like when that happens

I do the same thing as well. I figure, why bother telling people how you really feel because they really don't care. When people ask you how you are doing, they are almost always expecting you to say you are fine, so that is what I say. <br />
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If you ever try and say anything different, like I feel horrible or I'm really depressed, they always get that look across their face that says "Oh, god, I shouldn't have asked. Now I have to act like I care and ask them why, what's wrong." And a lot of times, when people ask the question, they never really wait around for the answer. It's usually just thrown into their conversation, but they never give you a second to answer. It's just out of habit that people ask. I don't think people care to know how you are feeling.<br />
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I guess that could also be why I smile all the time, even when I'm sad. Nobody needs to know how I really feel, so I put on my fake smile.

when i am not fine i say that i am not bad hahaha

this is also a habit of mine. every time i say this to everyone, also means i can solve or get through this problem.