I Could Say More....but......it's Happened To Me.

Really, consider this....

You're having a really good day, sometime asks how you're doing, and you tell them great....then this morbidly depressed person goes on to put a downer on your day by talking about all the awful things going on in the world, all the starvation, earthquakes, lack of preparedness, awareness, the evil crap the current "regime" is doing. You spend five minutes and have your good mood ultimatley ruined by a dose of reality, when you just want to move onto something that is more pressing at that particular moment. It's happened to me!

Or how about one of those really bad days, you tell them you're doing bad....oh joy. Now they interrogate you about it, only to do one of the two things that annoy me most about humanity....

- They either become highly sympathetic, and now, despite a mild domestic downer, you suddenly feel like the dirty old homeless guy taking handouts as the person does everything in their power to make you feel better. You feel like you owe them, and start to wonder if you made things sound worse than they really are. How do I know....it's happened to me.

- They become irritating by telling you how much you suck, or how much you need to cheer up and move on from your problems, or just outright ignore them. "Go ahead kid, take a toke, take a drink, it'll all get better by itself with no intervention from you". They make you feel like a whiny little ***** and maybe go as far as to make you feel like your problems are insignifigant to theirs. How do I know.......it's happened to me!

- Or maybe it's one of your uninspired, blank, blah moments where you're neither down or up. Then what do you day. You're not bad, you're not good, you're just FINE, and that's fine with me. You don't feel good, there's nothing there to feel good about, but nothing there to feel bad about either, sort of a neutral mood. If you say you feel blank, people wonder. Say you're blah, people think you mean you're depressed, say you're fine, things move on to the next chapter of life's winding mountain road of a story. How do I know, it's happened to me.

So now I just say "I'm Fine" to rest assured that I won't have to listen to any time wasting comments on my mood and how I should keep it or change it.
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

crap now I owe you because I was feeling bad and actually laughed as I read this.... XD

I get that...<br />
<br />
But I hate it. Because I have spent the last couple of years trying my best to find friends who actually care...