I Can't Keep An Opinion As I Always Think I Am Being Judged Negatively And It Will Come Back And Haunt Me

I can't keep up opinions, in English whenever I say something slightly opinionated and another person disagrees, I feel as though the class is on their side. Maybe I'm too opinionated or I can't commit to what I'm saying. It's as though everything I've said is insanely over exaggerated. Since I tend to be a talk first, think later person, a lot of slightly (well what i consider) bad comments slip out. I once worried over something I had said to a boy (I would cry about it), not just for a week like most people but for a whole summer- in the end when i apologized when school started again he hadn't even remembered what i had said.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2011

Thanks I'll try and do that from now on :)

Sometimes I worry like that too. I never apologize though, it seems like people never remember what you say- even though it`s eating you on the inside.<br />
Never apologize, take no prisoners!! *wink*