i always feel it is required... i just feel like a permenant hassle, like im awkward, taking up peoples time, annoying them, bothering them. i apologise if im in someones house and i dont know where something is and they need to show me or that... i apologise if i think im wasting someones time or if i feel they could be doing something better.


then they tell me not to, and i feel the need to apologise for apologising.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 4, 2008

Im going to try and do that, if anything I annoy people more by constantly apologising...<br />
I just dont want them to think Im rude or something. I got it in my head that to be nice you have to be a doormat. Im stopping that now.<br />
I still try and apologise if i think ive done something that could pioss anyone off or something, just to get in there before they give out to me.

I'm in apology recovery. I apologized to one of my employees when I caught him napping during work time - sheesh! I think it has to do with confidence, too: We are demanding control, time or love. I guess somewhere we felt undeserving. It's such a deep verbal habit. I started out saying, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to say I'm sorry, because I'm not." Now, I work at not apologizing at all, unless I've hurt someone. I am not unreasonable with my desires, and I deserve what I ask for.

im exactly the same... i texted my friend asking if i could stay at hers on night next week because i cant pick my keys up till friday... the text was along the lines of 'im really sorry, and dont worry if your busy, but could i please stay at yours? dont worry if i cant, its ok. sorry' etc etc, and replied with 'wooooooooo cant wait to see you, ill get some champagne in. come up the day before then you dont need to get up early, and we can go shopping, wooo'<BR><BR>i was in quite a bit of shock, actually.