I Say Stupid Things.....:(

Fall semester just started this week, and I always end up getting nervous and saying stupid things. I'm taking a film history class and my professor asks us if we know what the Black Maria (a studio that Edison used in the 1890's to make his short films) was named after. For some reason I blurted out, "The Black Dahlia?" Wow.... that was the 1940's, so I was about 50 years off on that one. My brain isn't really good at filtering my mouth is it...:(
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2 Responses Aug 27, 2010

I've been through the same thing myself...school was bad enough but uni is the worst place to be "Stupid" because of all the clever people around you. The one thing I learnt was to act like it never happened the next day, coz you're right the more you think about it the more you trip yourself up. People will smirk and talk about what happened but just act cool like nothing bothers you. Don't ever show them your weakness because they won't go easy on you out of pity, they'll have something else to add to their list of things wrong with you. Hope this helps :)

I feel that way too. And these days, I feel the more I am aware of it...the more stupid things I say:(