Doing Stupid Things

I also do stupid stuff to, to get peoples' attention, but all I got was trouble. In high school, I once wrote all over the inside of my agenda book about how hot a certain teacher looks and stuff. I thought having a teacher crush was cool, but it wasn't. If it wasn't for ripping out the written agenda pages and throwing them away, the principle would have read them out loud, and probably in front of the teacher too.

Also, when I was 14, I was in summer art camp. I told a few girls, my age, a fib that I had tons a boyfriends and that I kissed a 20 year old guy to be cool and popular. All it got me was trouble. I had to explain to a couple of female councilors that I made it up. You see, I was unpopular and didn't have a boyfriend. I had to be monitored for the rest of camp because of this. That same week, I had a crush on a male councilor and people knew it. The guy told my female councilors that I was stalking him around camp. That was hard to explain. My councilors also chewed be out for the day I went around drinking Dr. Pepper and saying I was acting drunk.

No matter what I do or say what I think is cool to get attention, it always backfires.
flower4life flower4life
26-30, F
Jul 8, 2011