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I Wish I Could Stop It

i say stupid things alot this one is going to be hard to explain
whenever i talk to people i usually mess up in a conversation and offend people
sometimes i say things that make me sound gay when i am a straight or i flirt with girls on accident
i used to sound weird when i talked to people which improved alot
and i say innapropiate stuff all the time
and i wish i could stop saying stupid stuff all the time
act4 act4 18-21, M 3 Responses Oct 23, 2011

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Exactly how I feel. I've wasted so much of my life already. I wish I was normal just like others.

yeah i have improved alot and now i think i got a life ahead of me. i went through alot of dispair for a while and now those days are over. i'd still like to use this website and the name i picked was the worst one that i could have picked. it looks like i was just putting on a act now. but anyways have a nice day

hey you were just going thru something as we all do. im glad youve found this place..the name isnt so bad. im so happy that youre feeling better dear.

i do that too sometimes, but what you need to do is, before you speak, take a minute and say what ever it is you wanna say to yourself in your head and see how it sounds first. then if it sounds stupid you have only said it in your mind, so you can correct it. hope that helps