Random Stupid Story

Once upon a time there was a licorice All Sort named Sammy. Sammy lived in a party mix packet of sweets with many friends such as Benny Jelly Bean and Suizie Snake. One day their world started to shake rattle and roll as some careless human purchased their packet. "AHHHH" screamed Sammy as he was thrown this way and that. After a while the shaking stopped and the sweets were discussing who would be first to be selected to leave their world (which was quite a honor). Down came the hand of the human and Plucked out Suizie. "YAY" she exclaimed and waved her tail in a mix of triumph and just to say goodbye.
"oh my" said Sammy "I wonder who will be next"
"I hope it's me" replied Benny. and the pair relaxed for a while.

Later on (lets say about 30 seconds) the hand came back and selected another sweet. This continued for a while untill it was just Sammy and Benny left "Oh I wonder what's going on" Benny said but at that moment was plucked up and was gone. Poor Sammy was all alone and began to cry "ohh why me, Why ME!!" When all of a sudden a booming voice (that of the human) said.
"EWW no not a licorice allsort they're so Yuck." Following this Sammy's world was shaken again as he was transported to the bin.

Morel of the story NOBODY likes licorice allsorts
RaeDuh RaeDuh
18-21, F
Jan 4, 2012