Brightest Cookie In The Drawer...

A few friends and I were talking about dumb things people do & say. After a few examples of things Ive done, I look at my fiance and say with a completely straight face "Well, at least you knew when we started dating that I wasn't the brightest cookie in the drawer."

Brightest. Cookie. In the drawer.

The worst part is, is when everyone turned and stared at me (with that "is she for real" expression on their faces) I sat there going "What? What did I say?" all confused for a solid minute at least before bursting out "Oh I get it!!! Like brightest crayon, smart cookie, and sharpest knife in the drawer!" (yes, like a genius I felt the urge to spell out my dumb moment, when clearly I was the only one who didnt get what I said)

To this day, every time I do or say something that causes people to give me that Look, I now call it my 'bright cookie moment'.
cleverwittyusername cleverwittyusername
26-30, F
Aug 12, 2012