When I'm Trying To Be Funny I End Up Sounding Stupid

I am a naturally funny person but i find it that when i TRY to be funny i always end up sounding stupid and this happends a lot. It really upsets me and makes me feel sad as the people around me then would always act weird or dismiss me or something when i would say silly stuff. There has been a couple of occassions when people have though I am a lesbian (i have nothing against lesbians, its just it hurts when people say you are and its not true and then they treat you weirdly.) For example, at my previous school my old prefect told us a story about how a lesbian had hit on her and i was trying to be funny so i decided to crack a joke and i said "haha, you should've given her a chance!" I was JOKING but guess what, it backfired and by the very next day rumours were spreading around that i was a lesbian, but thank God i left that school a few days after that happened as it really upset me and they were all treating me differently and talking about me. Then there was another similar issue but lets move on. It also happens a lot at school, i moved to the school i currently go to after i left the previous one i just told you about. The people at my school are completely different to the circles i am used to so i try soo hard to fit in. They have already told me that i am naturally funny but for some reason i keep on TRYING to be funny and when i do, it back fires. My attempts always end up in awkward silence, dissmissal, people perceiving what i said badly or just being ignored. It makes me soo sad and frustrated, you would never believe. I always tel myself to stop tryng to be funny but it happens all over again. I just wish i would stop cuz i always end up feeling like a pariah and just plain stupid. I just wish i would think properly before i speak then maybe i wouldnt sound so stupid. ;(
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

... Your humour is just more advanced and mature I would say - I think it's funny - and I understand how naive people/kids can be.. You are not alone - I find myself thinking what others are thinking before they think it - after I've said or wrote something I thought was funny.. it hurts - but my humour is still the same as when I was a kid.. and Ive finally started to accept myself.. Im 26 years now.