I Say The Dumbest Things!

Really, I do.

It's always in situations in which I feel uncomfortable in, such as when I have a meeting with my supervisor, or if I am trying to speak my mind.

First, I get extremely nervous and anxious: heart racing, face flushed, hands shaking, etc- then I usually respond in a jumbled, rushed manner. The thing is- I can articulate myself through writing, but I have a hard time translating that verbally. Why is it so hard for me to communicate effectively? In my mind- before I speak- I practice it in my head and it "sounds" perfect and eloquent. But as soon as I actually open my mouth- BAM- Idiot. I imagine that this is linked to some type of anxiety- may it be social or GAD, but these situations are very frustrating. I don't want to come off as unintelligent or uneducated.....sigh. I'll walk around for days feeling depressed and bashing myself.
sbela sbela
22-25, F
Oct 18, 2012