The fall quarter has just begun, and like I knew he would, my etching professor instructed everyone to introduce themselves, reveal their majors, and tell an embarrassing story. Of course, my mind blanked as far as the embarrassing story went... not that I don't have any, I do, but none of them are funny. Or if they are, I lack the ability to explain it in a funny way (to a classroom of almost complete strangers).

The same thing happened to me at the beginning of the summer quarter. With the same professor.

My mind raced for something to say, anything, and upon coming up with nothing, I stumbled through my name and major, then blurted to the class in a humiliated sort way, about getting plastered one night with my roommate, then being awoken the next morning by my ex boyfriend, who found me in a pile of pine needles outside of our dorms.

No one laughed. And my professor just stared at me.

The guy before me said that his whole life was an embarrassment, and that he used to be a full time cheerleader. Which wasn't true, but it was funny, and everyone laughed. Including the professor, who then joked with him about it paying for his "liberal arts lifestyle".

The professor decided to change the story we had to tell to "Most memorable moment".

I suck.


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People know how to make vulnerable persons do silly things to embarrass them self's. you had the right to say u had nothing to say..If he is asking this of people in a education class im suspect that he is getting a laugh out of having his students humiliate them self's in front of each other.Always Take authority with a pinch of salt because they some times are there because they think they are in control of people that have to and will do what they say.What a looser this person cos he put u thrugh that.I hope his next **** is a hedge

I hate that about school too. It's hard enough to introduce yourself much less come up with something charming to say. So much for first impressions. Why do teachers always think it has to be a verbal impression.