Next Time I'll Look Around

Some of my friends work in a teashop and from time to time they organise oversleeping for other friends there. The owner doesn't know about it naturally, because he would not permit it.

Those friends invited my to celebrate the New Year's Eve in the teashop with them, it's normally opened and there is a special programme. They said there will be no oversleeping this time though.

When I was paying at the bar, the owner was already there and one of my friends said: "So we are definitely counting with you on the New Year's Eve" as I was leaving.

I went like "Sure, with the oversleeping" I just wanted to tease my friend, but the owner looked at me like what the hell are you talking about and my friend gave me that look like are you dumb? and I realised what I said.

And now I feel like a total crap, huh,....I'd need some cheering up :)

dummass dummass
18-21, F
Dec 22, 2009