The Cadillac 2

The enormous engine in my Cadillac finally coughed and chugged to life after four unnerving attempts to start it. While I live on a quiet road the sound of a engine struggling to start can draw the attention of neighbors. I've always sought to avoid undue attention, but frankly I completely loose track of what's going on around me when I'm driving the Cadillac. Now that the engine was started my shiny nylon covered thighs where squeezed tightly together as I nervously revved the unsteady V8 hoping it would smooth out. Even in the darkness I could see a thick cloud of unburned fuel belching from the exhaust pipe of the Cadillac with each nervous press of my foot on gas pedal.

"What is wrong with my car?" I wondered aloud.

My pretty foot kept pressing down on the gas pedal to keep the engine running. From the unsteady shaking of the car it seemed to me that the engine was either flooded or broken, but I had no idea how to fix it so I just kept revving it hoping it would eventually run smoothly for my drive.

After pulling up my pantyhose and straightening my short denim skirt I carefully slipped the transmission of the Cadillac into D and tried to find a steady pressure on the gas pedal. Strangely the engine sounded and felt like it wasn't running on all 8 cylinders. The Cadillac was moving awkwardly down the narrow curvy road toward the open highway that would would take me to town. Combined with my earlier struggles to get the car started, the Cadillac was making me feel even more vulnerable than usual.

Going around the narrow curves of the road I have a hard time seeing over the hood to the edges of the road. With the car running roughly I'm forced to keep pressure on the gas so it won't stall, but I also have to reach for the brake pedal abruptly to slow down on the narrow turns. Going around one particularly sharp turn a little sports car races by causing me to jam on the brakes and swerve into the drainage ditch on the right side of the road stalling the Cadillac with a bang and thud. The sports car didn't stop. The Cadillac was now tipped at an awkward angle and I clung to the steering wheel for balance

"OMG" I whimpered as I slipped the transmission into park and extended my pretty leg to press the gas pedal to floor. The engine had been running badly before it stalled. Now it bucked and coughed seemingly refusing to start as I held the key forward and pumped the pedal anxiously.

The rocking of my hips back and forth against the leather seat caused my lacy thong to softly caress my anus and it was wonderful. I tried to push the pleasurable sensations out of my consciousness, but pleasurable feeling stirring in this deep secret place was causing my hips to rock more and more aggressively against the seat as I pumped with greater urgency. "Oh please start" I whispered.

If a man had been watching me in the darkness he'd only see the struggle and maybe be turned by emotional energy being expressed by pretty nylon covered legs in high heels sensuously fighting to gain control of an enormous Cadillac, but a woman would understand and appreciate the fine line be between frustration and pleasure that was created not only by the situation, but also by the awareness of the pleasure caused by the meeting of soft fabrics and skin beneath a pretty skirt and nylons. My personal experience and imagination gave me thrilling insights into the intense pleasure of damsel in distress femininity.

My pointed right foot was pressing hard into the floor causing the heel of my 5" black stiletto heeled pumps to be raised off the floor board. My shiny legs looked seductively sexy reaching for the gas pedal and brake. My breathing was quickening too. "Oh no, oh no, oh no" I cried aloud as the car again bucked and teased and groaned to silence. The primal throbbing growing deep inside me was making my legs want to spread and surrender, but my sense of vulnerability and frustration was causing me to keep my legs squeezed tightly together and suppress my pleasure as I again turned the key and pumped frantically to restart the Cadillac.

Is this what a woman feels as she struggles to start her stubborn car? Or is it just want I imagine she would feel because I am so turned on playing out my pedal pumping fetish fantasy in my Cadillac dream car?

(To be continued some more - I can't help myself)
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Sweetheart-this story really turns me on!!! I love the way you mention you are pressing the
Pedal with your foot,I so wish I was there to see you do that. I wold be stroking your sexy
Leg like mad as you pumped your foot.This really makes me want to ***...

I haven't had the relaxed time I desire to creatively fantasize about my fascination for being behind the wheel of a big, hard to start car wearing shiny control-top pantyhose, high heels and a tight skirt. There is nothing more stimulating. I've written so many's one of my favorites:

“Country Girl--City Bound”
by Deenmo

"You''re not go-going to San Francisco in rain like this..." Matthew Compton stammered. His tentative words could barely be heard above the sound of rain pelting against plate glass windows in the Compton's kitchen.

“Oh, daddy…of course I'm going.” Laurie Compton laughed with a tone that was so familiar it made him ache inside.

There would be no stopping her now. Laurie Compton was 23 going on 35. She picked her gold keys off the marble counter with her perfectly manicured fingers, “I’m an adult now. I'll be home by ten.”

“You’re…you're barely 23, Laurie,” Matthew Compton mumbled. Watching his only daughter's sensual young body move across the room it would be hard for anyone to believe she was just barely an adult. “It’s horrible out there ...”

Laurie dismissed his concern as she turned to leave, "I've got a cell phone."

Her perfect hour glass figure swayed at the hips and her shiny suntan nylons swished against her firm thighs because her tight skirt forced her legs together as she walked sensually down the hall toward the garage.

"Laurie, what are you wearing?" Matthew asked numbly. He had never known how to deal with these issues.

She stopped in front of the full length mirror in the hall to admire her figure. "Don't even think about telling me what to wear, Daddy." Her beautiful blond hair cascaded down over her broad shoulders and her full breasts strained against the tightly stretched fabric of her knit blouse.

"You just much older than you are and that worries me..."

"Thank you, Daddy" she said with a too knowing smile.

His eyes were uncomfortably riveted to the full silhouette of her breasts. "Is that all you under there?" he asked with embarrassed awe. "You're so cute, daddy," knowing that while her shape wasn't all hers, her water bra from Victoria's Secret was giving her the wonderful illusion of the 36D she was eager to be on her own.

Matthew gulped. From head to toe the rest of her looked shockingly mature and way too sexy for his liking. On her feet were pointy toed 5" black stiletto heeled pumps that matched her skin-tight black leather skirt. He could only imagine that she was wearing the kind of sexy Wolford control top pantyhose that his late wife had always worn…he had to try and push the "sexy" idea out of his head as he looked at his daughter, but she was and she knew it. Matthew took a deep breath and thought about Celia, who had always dressed this way. Like Celia, his only child was learning how to use her sexuality as a powerful tool.

The Compton's had been an influential agricultural family in the Central Valley of California for three generations. The farm, nearly 25,000 acres, was located on prime land near the rural community of Modesto. But for a girl like Laurie, who had been raised with every monetary and social advantage, country life held little appeal. She spent nearly all her free time working out, reading high fashion magazines, and making day trips to San Francisco with her friends in order to absorb a more cosmopolitan understanding of the world, which she planned to enjoy in the future with the financial support of her father.

As the large wooden door opened up revealing the major rainstorm outside, Laurie sat down gracefully into the driver's seat of her 1985 Cadillac Coupe Deville and felt the lining of her tight mini skirt slip sensuously against her shiny pantyhose as she pulled the heavy door closed with a firm thud. The car was 25 years old but its body and interior were mint. Under the hood there were problems, but Laurie didn't fact she loved that her big car could be a challenge. Hard starting and stalling gave her permission to surrender to the full richness of her feminine vulnerability as an emotional and beautiful damsel in distress.

Laurie checked her make up and hair in the rear view mirror and was already pumping the gas pedal, reaching with her beautiful nylon covered leg in order to prime the always hard to start engine. She loved the sound and sensation of her shiny nylons swishing sensuously together against her firm thighs as she pumped. Fast to the floor with her pointed foot…and a slow release with her slightly bent knee…over and over. It was like sex. It made her feel powerful, feminine and vulnerable all at the same time and she loved it. She finally took a deep breath and turned the key. The starter cranked loudly as she arched her back forward causing her breasts to press lightly against the steering wheel. The big V-8 engine coughs and chugs as it stumbles and balks under the urging her her beautiful foot. When it coughs and dies she caresses her breasts with her well manicured fingers and readjusts herself in the bucket seat feeling her expensive, skin-tight pantyhose teasing her gently between her beautiful legs.

"Oh god…being a girl is so much work" she thought as she rocked her moistening vulva back and forth against the soft leather seat, "but it feels so good."

Only girls really understand the sensuous pleasure of being behind the wheel of a big, powerful, stubborn car. With the seat set back and the pedals barely within reach...with so much silky fabric touching her soft, supple skin and the car shaking and vibrating as she tried to start it, she completely overwhelmed with pleasure.

"Bye, bye Daddy" she purred while rocking her pelvis against the leather bucket seat while revving the rough running Cadillac to a smokey roar. Her trips to San Francisco, dressed to get attention, made her whole body tingle with excitement. Her slender fingers slide the gear shift into reverse...the tires screech loudly--the big car nearly stalled as it jerks loudly and unevenly out of the garage and into the pouring rain.

"Oh I Iove driving my Cadillac," she thought to herself as she gunned the enormous car over the sloppy ground of her front yard. Truth be told Laurie never felt more more beautiful, vulnerable or sexual than she did behind the wheel of her enormous Cadillac with its combination of size, power and uncertain reliability.

If she hurried she'd be in San Francisco in time for a late lunch at the St. Francis Hotel with a thirty-two year old stock broker, who believed she was 28 and independently wealthy…rather than the over indulged 23 year old living at home with her father that she was. Heavy rain made it hard to see, but she breathed a sigh of relief as she put the big car in Drive and stabbed the gas pedal to the floor. Her sheer, dark nylons glistened on her legs.

Even as the engine roared the tires spun and the big car felt sluggish. The big machine was still cold and it bucked and coughed under the pressure of Laurie's pointed foot. She impatiently recoiled her pretty nylon covered leg and pressed down harder on the accelerator. The road to fun, freedom and credit card charges was long, straight--and muddy--over 4 inches of drenching rain in the last 24 hours had turned it into a narrow river. In two miles she'd be on I-5, with her pretty foot reaching for the floor, speeding towards San Francisco. But getting there would be more challenging than usual. The road was slippery and she needed both hands on firmly on the wheel to keep the big car from slipping off into the deep irrigation ditches on either side. She tingled with excitement and glanced with an approving eye to her shimmering right leg that reached gracefully to press down huge floor mounted gas pedal.

At times like this Laurie thought about her mother. Shiny pantyhose and heels and silky lingerie were more than fashion to her. They were powerful weapons. Laurie shivered with pleasure as she rubbed her nylon covered thighs together. She smiled with the tantalizing sensation and pressed the gas pedal down further causing her big car to cough and lunge unsteadily forward on the muddy road.

Visibility was nearly zero as the Laurie's car moved sloppily down the muddy road…the bumps and ruts made the pressure of her high heeled foot, which was floating two inches off the floorboard, unsteady on the pedal. With the next stroke of the windshield wiper there was suddenly a large object blocking the road. Laurie gasped and instinctively jammed her beautiful pointed foot onto the brake while turning the wheel of the big car to the right to avoid a collision. There was no traction on the muddy road and the big car came about 180 degrees skidding past the Hereford cow that had wandered innocently onto the road. When the classic Cadillac came to a stop it sat awkwardly on the soft ground at the edge of the irrigation ditch.

Laurie was instantly frightened and angry... “I hate this place...”, she muttered under her breath, "I can't wait to get off this damn farm forever." She was late for her luncheon rendezvous and ready to be on her way. "I hate smelly cows." She placed the pointed toe onto the large black gas pedal and pressed it down. There was no familiar roar of the V-8 engine. She hadn’t noticed that the engine had stalled in the spin. “Dammit,” she said as she nervously slipped the gear shift into park and turned the key. The starter cranked loudly as she listened and waited for the big engine to start. With a sudden cough she released the key and stabbed her pointed foot at the gas pedal. The engine groaned to silence.

This was a familiar pattern that always made Laurie anxious. Coughing...stuttering...shaking. The car was taunting her now. After nearly a minute of fitful cranking Laurie's car started roughly. "Come on..." she said as she tried to rev the stubborn engine with her outstretched leg, but it was sluggish…not as responsive as she would've liked. Putting the big car in gear she pressed down hard on the gas. The engine revved but the car barely moved but jerked sharply to the right dropping half way down into the ditch. "Oh, no" she muttered as she jammed her foot down on the brake causing the engine to stall again.

"Dammit, don't let me be stuck..." she said as nervous tears formed in her eyes. She reached carefully for the gas pedal and turned the key again. The engine cranked loudly and Laurie waited for it to start…her high heeled foot extended to its furthest reach. When the engine seemed to start Laurie released the key, once again it stalled.

Laurie was suddenly very much the damsel in distress…a beautiful, sexy woman dressed to maximum effect…now feeling emotional and frightened because she was unable to control her big, powerful car.

"Dammit, why can't I start my car?" she whispered nervously. "Why can't I start it?"

As her emotions began to run wild and her breathing quickened as her beautifully manicured fingers gently touched her swelling breasts while arching her pelvis forward knowing that her vulva was blossoming as she caressed her firm shiny thighs that were pulled tightly together with her legs reaching for, but barely touching the pedals. Her short mini skirt was rising higher now and the tops of her control pantyhose were just starting to peek out from under the leather. "I'm going to the City for lunch," she whimpered as she pulled her skirt down trying to convince herself that she was still in charge.

She pushed down on the gas pedal with her beautiful nylon covered leg and carefully turned the key again.

"Please start this time" she whispered to herself as the starter cranked over and over. "Start…START," she cried. After 20 seconds she recoiled her beautiful leg and jammed it down on the gas pedal again with all her feminine will.

The enormous motor coughed to life and stumbled to a smoky roar as Laurie nervously thrust her foot down on the pedal again and again. "We're going to San Francisco now," she said with her confidence returning. When she was sure the engine wouldn't stall again she dropped the car into drive, the engine screamed and she could hear the mud flying behind her as the big car wallowed back and forth in the deep mud. She felt a tingle as the nylon on her shapely legs slipped together. The rear wheels were now buried up the axle with mud and water. "Dammit…" She cried as she looked back down the long muddy road leading back to the house and then at her long, beautiful legs and knew that she wasn’t getting out to walk.

Laurie repositioned herself behind the wheel. She caressed her pretty legs and pulled up her pantyhose until they squeezed her snugly between her legs and arched her pelvis forward. She knew she was in for a battle in the mud and loved the sensation she felt with the sheer, shiny pantyhose on her legs. “I look way too good to walk home and I want lunch in the City,” she said to herself as she revved up the rough running engine nervously hoping it would smooth out. Dark smoke belched from the exhaust with each thrust of her arched foot down onto the floor mounted gas pedal.

Laurie felt tiny and vulnerable in the oversized leather seat as the enormous Cadillac engine roared and the car sank deeper in the deep mud. For all the power being applied the car wasn’t moving and now she could hear the engine starting to mis-fire.

“Why are you doing this?” she sobbed while putting the transmission in neutral as she tried to rev up the engine. The engine was chugging now. Laurie reached frantically for the oversized gas pedal to keep it running, but the big engine stalled even as her beautiful ankle was arched pushing the gas pedal into the floor. “You won’t quit on me,” she cried. Tears gushed from her eyes as she arched her nylon covered leg to press down on the gas pedal turned the key again. The starter cranked unevenly as she bounced frantically on the enormous seat. Tears were streaming from her soft blue eyes when the engine finally started with a stumbling, coughing sound. She had no sense of the car's normal power as she nervously stabbed at the gas pedal. “What is wrong with you?” she cried when her enormous engine stalled again.

Laurie sat vulnerably in the plush leather seat fighting off the warm moist feeling growing between her pretty legs. She looked hard through tears at the flashing red lights on the console which was now betraying her. Her attention is drawn to the sight of her father’s car coming slowly towards her. “Oh, no,” she muttered with embarrassment as she wiped her eyes.

Matthew Compton’s Jimmy Blazer pulled along side the Cadillac. “What happened...Laurie? Are you alright?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” said Laurie defiantly as she wiped her eyes.

He could see the mud spattered all over the car and knew that she was stuck. “What happened here, Lauri?” he repeated more strongly.

“A stupid cow was standing the middle of the road and I had to swerve really fast to miss it, OK?” she said while checking her make up in the rear view mirror.

“I saw the way you pulled out of the yard,” he said.

Laurie was feeling the flush of embarrassment rise up into her face, "So…I'm in a hurry and now I'm stuck".

“Laurie, you obviously aren't ready for the freedom I've given you. I’m taking your car away. ” She felt like she was being punched in the stomach. She was doing her best to maintain her dignity even though her father was speaking to her like she was 16 all over again. Didn’t he realize that she was a woman now? All of her feminine glamor was suddenly being tested. She looked down at her beautiful legs shimmering in sheer nylon and got a second wind of confidence. She sat up in the drivers seat and put her shoulders back projecting her beautiful breasts as if to tell him that his words were meaningless to her.

Matthew stammered slightly, “Get out and I’ll take you back to the house and get a tractor out here to pull the car out of the mud."

Laurie gripped the steering wheel fiercely. “You will not take my car away. I'm going to the city for lunch,” was all she could say as she rubbed her firm thighs together.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He got out of the Blazer and walked towards the Cadillac to help her out.

“I’m going to City for lunch,” she said evenly as she started thrusting her pretty foot down on the gas pedal again. Just make sure he knew she was serious and an independent woman, Laurie pulled her skirt even higher revealing all of her control-top pantyhose. He was her father, but he was a man first and would have a hard time enforcing his authority on her dressed like this...

“Laurie, please. Your car is stuck in the mud.”

Laurie turned her full attention to the console and turned the key as she continued pumping the gas pedal. Dark smoke belched from the exhaust pipe as Laurie was flooding the engine of the Cadillac. “Start, Goddammit.” she pleaded. As she said it the engine coughed to life and roared roughly.

“Laurie...” he shouted, “turn off the engine.”

Laurie wasn’t listening as she put the rough running Cadillac in gear and tried to drive out of the deep mud even as the engine coughed and sputtered and transmitted not nearly enough power to the rear wheels which now spun weakly in the thick mud. Matthew could see his daughter in tears behind the wheel of her big car gunning the rough running engine as the wheels sank deeper into the soft ground. “You won’t take my car away,” she sobbed as she reached desperately for the floor with her beautiful leg trying the urge the car out of the deep mud. "Please go," she cried as her malfunctioning engine stuttered and coughed. It was clear that the car wasn't going move, but Laurie kept trying the gun the engine as she bounced frantically in the oversized bucket seat. This was ultimate vulnerability for Laurie…dressed in an intensionally provocative way in silk, nylon and leather behind the wheel of her powerful luxury car that was now betraying her when she needed its power and luxury most. No matter how hard she pressed down on the floor mounted gas pedal with her shiny, nylon covered leg, the big wheels of her car kept spinning and sinking deeper in the oozing mud.

Matthew approached the door and looked down at his daughter through the large window; a virtual replica of the woman he had loved 20 years before. How like Celia she was; the honey blond hair which flowed down over her broad shoulders; the face, determined but vulnerable just like her mother’s and of course the body -- every curve was perfection. This was his child in front of him but she was physically a woman with her full breasts bouncing in her tight blouse and her long legs openly exposed under her short skirt he could see the sensual line of her control top pantyhose shimmering in the light as she reached desperately for the accelerator pedal with her pointed foot encased in very sexy high heeled shoes.

Matthew swallowed hard. Twenty years before he had found Celia, then his young wife, in the same situation. They had been arguing... she sped away from their house in a 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille and got stuck in almost the same place. When he had come upon her she was furiously trying to get her car out of the mud. Celia had tears in her eyes. He remembered looking down on her through the open window and seeing her long legs in silk stockings, garters and high black heels as she urgently pressed the gas pedal of her stuck Cadillac trying to get free and away from him.

In that moment of remembrance there was clarity. For his wife, Celia, and his daughter, Laurie, this was an issue of freedom. It wasn’t about reckless driving, or getting stuck. They both needed to be independent. They both needed a life away from the farm. Knowing they could come and go as they pleased was very important and their cars were symbols of that independence.

His mind was brought back to the present by the sound of the starter cranking wildly but now totally failing to start the engine. The car was buried up to the trunk now and the exhaust pipe was completely covered with thick mud preventing the engine from venting any exhaust. In her struggle, Laurie had suffocated the powerful Cadillac. She was arched over the steering wheel as she turned the key. Matthew watched as she kicked off her high heeled shoe and kept pumping the gas pedal with her beautiful stockinged foot as she tried again and again to start the engine.

As Matthew opened the car door he could hear Laurie crying along with the sound of swishing nylon on her beautiful legs.

“Laurie,” he said as calmly as he could, “the car is stuck. It’s not going to start.”

“Leave me alone...I hate this place...” she sobbed as the engine failed to start once again. The battery was failing now from the constant grinding of the starter. Matthew could see she was totally mesmerized by her need to escape him. When the battery failed completely she kept pumping the gas pedal with her slender nylon covered foot reaching for the floor with each downward stroke. The woman became a little girl in that instant and collapsed in tears against the steering wheel.

“’s alright,” Matthew whispered in her ear as he stroked her golden hair. “Come home can go to the City on another day.” He reached in and took the key from the ignition and scooped her from the drivers seat and carried her to the Blazer and then home.

Laurie clung to her father and pressed herself into his strong body. She was defeated for now--but she would have another day behind the wheel--free to speed away on her own to San Francisco and the life she craved. She would not let any muddy road or a stubborn Cadillac have its way with her again...

Wow I love stories like this...i have the identical fetish!

I hope you'll tell us some of your stories.

I will soon. I promise!

Sweetie- I sooooo can relate to your troubles.....I daily drive a 1979 chrysler cordoba (yes I am a crossdresser as well headed to full tg) and have daily battles with my old car. That said, I really want to chat with ya. Please either email or instant message me at:<br />
<br />
Please hurry to message me<br />

I've read your stories. Tell me about watching your mother and grandmother struggle to start their cars. What was the turn on for you?

I'm getting ready to go for a drive in my Lincoln. I'm dressed in suntan control-top pantyhose, 5" black pumps and a tight black mini skirt. It's such a big car and I get nervous that I won't be able to start it.

Wow I'd love to be in the car with you!!

I read your thread at about pedal pumping. Most people didn't understand where you were coming from...if you've read my stories here and other forums you know that I completely understand the turn-on of being a damsel in distress in a big uncooperative car. I hope you will keep sharing your stories...

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keep em cummin.sooner or later someone is going to catch you struggling to start it with your pretty legs showing and thats usually when the fun begins.