It Will Always Show

My buttcrack always shows. wherever I am, shopping, outside, at work, or on the street my buttcrack will always show when I squat or sit or bend over. Sometimes my jeans slide so far down my butt that my anus is showing. Sometimes people will point it out or take pictures or laugh but I can't help it. Once outside in a park my anus and the top half of my butt were showing while I was crouched down. I was texting competely unaware and suddenly some guy dropped ice on my bare exposed ***. The ice then went down my pants. Unfortunately for me I wasn't wearing underwear. Unless it's happened to you you will never know the feeling of ice on your buttcrack. Now I don't even notice when my *** shows, it just happens. Sometimes an inch will show sometimes five inches will show. Now I am so used to it always being exposed. Even If I feel a breeze on my whole bare butt or see people taking pictures I still will let it show. It just doesn't bother me. Plus it's pretty sexy seeing and showing *** crack
Madison29 Madison29
18-21, F
2 Responses May 6, 2012

good girl you get a fun and other get fun too

Wow! my anus has shown before but i never have had ice on my butt.