But... You know, I may just jump in fully clothed today just to see how the other side lives. I'll take one for the team guys.
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Lol... that a girl... I belong to this group as well. But it is a strange one, doesn't everybody shower naked?

You my dear are a very interesting person:)

You my dear are a very interesting person:)

*sniff* you`re so brave. ;-p

I salute you my brave friend lol

Lol i cant shower without my suit

Me too!!!

Add me please :)


Your awesome :)

Ok we are both awesome keep it up! Lol

Lol your awesome for saying we are awesome :P

you rebel :)

well , I think all people shower either naked or wearing underwear not all their clothes

what ever floats your boat

I only buy into your claim under the following conditions: 1. You have never been to a beach and use one of the showers there to do one final rinse off before leaving the beach. 2. You have not been to a water park and used the showers there for the same purpose as mentioned in condition one. 3. Waterfalls....yes technically not showers, but given the right circumstances a person could utilize a waterfall as though it was a shower and chances are they won't always feel comfortable enough wearing nothing.

Yep I am that guy. I will give you credit for showering naked most of the time. The real question is do use proper showering techniques? Most people might not know there are a few things (at least one in particular) t

That should not be done with every shower.

Yeah I hit reply without meaning to. As for showering properly: don't use shampoo and conditioner every day. The chemicals in conditioner and shampoo can dry hair out faster. Unless your scalp produces lots of oil shampooing a few times a week is alright. If you must shampoo every day then it is best to use a lightweight shampoo which has less detergents than regular shampoo and is usually labeled as an every day product. There is also something else, but I bet you already know that.

take pics!
and we expect a full report how it felt

well at least you can scratch it off your "been there, done that, got the (wet) t-shirt" list

then this is a good day :-)

I thought everyone showered naked? 0_o

Who knew?! xD why would you shower in clothes though?? It just doesn't make any sense at all...

lol don't join the cool kids!! They're secretly all cray

Dey cray cray, I'm tellin ya!! Naked showers are the best ones anyway. Ghad.. People don't know how to live

I don't know... Declothing people while they're in the shower seems kinda weird..

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lol oh that is too much lol

Cute :)

Shoulda made a home movie so all us old pervs could watch you in action.

Thats ok, make up for it by taking your gf shopping, life life on the edge and make sure to get all the action in video.

So young too :')

It's really hard to put deodorant on that way. Soap doesn't rinse off very well either.



That's dangerous

Just don't forget to breathe. When you get into the water, your clothes will weigh you down and if you lose focus you could in sink into Hell


*salutes you* brave soul

Thank you good luck

I will make the arrangements