where ever i am, and that includes meetings and work, i sit this way. i have since i was a child and find that i cant be comfortable for long if i dont. i often take one leg and cross it over the top. people always say that i must have such flexibility and i really dont otherwise. its a bit of an illusion.
i have actually gotten in trouble  for sitting that way. once was when i was at a mall, as a teenager. a security guard actually told me it wasnt ok.
another time, i was riding on a train and the ticket guy said it wasnt ok.
the worst was one time, when i was in kuwait, i got yelled at by an armed arab khaki uniformed police type of man at the airport. he initially yelled because my husband kissed me. i told my husband to cut it out, and as soon as the guy started yelling, i said "there it is." The cop guy looked enraged and then he started looking for other issues and my sitting was one. he was yelling "this is a muslim country!" i wasnt really scared at the time, but in hindsight i realize i should have been.
kittten kittten
46-50, F
Jan 26, 2008