Do I Have To Be Indian?

Yeah I always sit like this, even when I'm sitting on a chair. Even at the office when no one is around and this damn pain in my back starts, I sit like this, more comfortable, who will turn around me and see how I'm sitting anyway?!  I grab my chair close to the desk so anyone will have to go under the desk  to see how I'm sitting, you know what, I won't be surprised if one of those nosy guys did it! ......But a question though, who said that this is the Indian style? I thought we all sit this way, do I have to be Indian to sit cross-legged? 
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I'm Indian. I sit AND sometimes lie down with my legs folded like that to stretch my muscles.
Lol didn't think people called it the Indian way to sit.


Of course you dont! <br />
Maybe because Indians sit cross legged in the temples and during meditation/yoga poses it makes us more flexible in that respect and hence we've come to be associated with it more so than other races.<br />
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Full-lotus messes with my knees big-time. I tried to "get accustomed" to it until my knees started trying to slip sideways while I was walking, and i realized forcing it was making me avoid meditative practice...<br />
Now I do my meditation sitting up straight with my feet on the floor. <br />
*Shrug*<br />
I gather Native Americans tended to sit on the ground like this, so it became known as "Indian style."<br />
Yoga really helps keep my back from going out on me though, and is likely to help you also.

It's a natural relaxation pose. Great for posture :)

i'm not indian but i always sit like this ... buddha style :)

Yep, so much more comfortable!

no .. i sit like that tooo but then i am an Indian =) , but i guess whatever way is comfortable for a person works :)

lol exactly, not only Indians like to sit in a comfortable way =P

yaah true that !