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I Honestly Didn't Know You Called It That =/

I thought you just sat crossed-legged.... *raises eyebrow* Oh, well.... *still confused* 

I’d rather sit on the floor and sit with my legs crossed: carpet, wood, gravel, bricks, tiles, grass, ect. It's so much more comfortable to me. On my bed, couches, now on my chair by the computer, in restaurants (*blush-blush*), at friends and family I sit with crossed legs.  

For drama at my school we had to get these ‘meditation’ mats (yes, for drama, I know it sounds weird =P), and we do various breathing exercises and warm-ups. It really helps build up a good posture. 

At youth, when everyone else is sitting on a chair during devotion-group split-up, I’m always on the floor with crossed-legs. I’m one of the oldest (we have two/three ages together because we don’t have enough leaders) in the group and the younger girls (different ages split and then boys and girls are separate when we do Bible Study) then will also sit or lie on the floor, except they don’t sit with their legs crossed: they like to wobble around. =) 

(New memory =P) Ooh, I just remembered (duh *rolls eyes*) while riding home today that when I still could I used to sit in the car so as well! Unfortanately, there's not enough space to cross my legs as they've become too long. =/ Such a pity!

Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 7 Responses Feb 14, 2010

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Mmm, at least yours has a connection with you! =P Come sit with me! =D

Haha, I sit like that too everywhere! I get it from my dad. ^.^

Lol! Oh, but is is Floydessian Style: no one does it like me! ;P Thanks, Mel!<br />
<br />
Yay! *grins from ear to ear* My own sitting partner! =D

lol :)<br />
ok *comes to sit in indian style with floydess*

hmmm, and here I thought it was a uniquely Floydessian Style. :-O)<br />
<br />
Best Wishes! Mel

Hehe! Aww, that's awesomeness! =] I wonder if mine will (besides my drama teacher as she knows already) get use to it? Hey, come sit with me then we'll sit "Indian Style" together! =D

I sit like that even at school :D <br />
Teachers got used to it.