Love To Take Loads

I was with a guy that I met at a ABS...I had gone to my first store and went to the back I was very nervous as I had never been to a store llike this...
When I got in the room I ******** to my panties and was playing with my self and a black guy opened my door and came in... I had forgot to lock it...He said how nice I looked in my panties and asked me if i would like to take his penis in my mouth...He started to take out his penis and I asked hime to drop his pants...
He came up to me and I played with him till I seen his pre c-- and then took it in my mouth it was huge, When he start to go I slowed down wanting to build him up when he came he filled my mouth and started to come out of my mouth...I swallowed all of it and started to really work over his **** as it was well lubed..I couldn't belive he could go as much as he went the second time..
pantylover71 pantylover71
70+, M
1 Response May 6, 2012

Love doing that also honey. Love being a ********** and taking loads. Yummy