Blow Job Cumslut

Well April showers bring more leaves to the trees in bareback forest. Had a 5 **** nite, I suppose that nothing to complain about, but rather had a 2 or 3 in front of the 5. Some highlights of the night include hooking up with sum stranger who took me down the path and into sum trees, what was he gonna do show me a baby squirrel, I sure hope not. He pulled out his shlong and I dropped and made his penis become fully erect. I said wanna **** me and he pulled out a rubber whaaaaaa, I wanted a bb ****, but stooped and let him **** me with that latex between our bodies. It felt so un natural, how was I to get impregnated by his swimmies I wanted a ********.Maybe he did not want me to take his high viral count load or maybe he thought he get the gift from me if he barebacked. What do I look like, I was a regular at the MINESHAFT or TOILET in NYC, sissyslut Jameon is the sorta gurl you can bring home to mother. Met another guy who said my bide was sexy and gave me ***** twisters and put 2 fingers in my boipussy and stretched it. He had a cockring on and a large ball sack and jameon tolt his member to the hilt. He ask me what I am into and I said everything, little did he know I been drinking goldn nectar that day and eating my own scat. Did sum coping sum feels of some woodies in the forest, one guy I met had bb the other nite, but wanted me to **** him 2nite. But My highlight was anotyher whopper of a **** I found sittting by himself on a log. Not Playgirl material but he unravels this pocket snake which uncolied to at least 10.5 inches and with a nummy foreskin to boot. Another popper freak he mumbling **** like take it all and I am saying in a garblled voice put it up my tiny bum hole. He was another playing it safe as if this dude had not done any high risk sex b4. His **** was big UNUF he could pump his ****** with fever while it was still in my mouth. He grunted I gonna *** and shot a fair sized load of xperm into my hungry mouth. But his **** was still hard and I ofered my boipussy. Then a twink appears outta nowhere and he zipped up but gave me his possibly charged load...mmm. All in all it was a 5 **** night, but the weird thing the guy with the big ****** **** asks me for 50 cents.
jameon01 jameon01
31-35, T
6 Responses May 11, 2012

I too luv the yummy leaky uncut monsters! never got 5 at a night, darn...

Talk is cheap playboy!! Show me what ya made of ok?

Blow jobs ain't worth doin if ya don't swallow it! Mmmmmmmmmm:)

such a hot story !!

does any one play with your lovley ****

Just wait for a big bad wolf to come to that bareback forest mmmmmm