From Day One; Its Rude To Spit, I Swallow.

From teh first time I sucked ****, Iuntil a few hours today, the most recent I've sucked, I always swallow.
Lets face it, if you suck him that* far, if you don't let him *** into your mouth, its not really giving him a full ******, and if your going to let him *** in your mouth, then why on earth would you not want to swallo?
Plus, its just so damn tasty.

Last time I swallowed was a few hours ago, early afternoon.
My fiance was round, and we were both very horney, not having had a chance for a little while, to be that intimate with each other.
After initial play, we both managed to get as far as the bedroom and were soon naked.
He ****** me for a while, doggy style up my ***, but decided he didn't want to *** there (partly as he knows how much I enjoy swallowing ***), so I switched onto my back, and in one of my favorate positions (as its very submissive), he moved over me, and basically ****** my mouth from above...
I do so adore it when he takes over, and 'uses' me like that; all the better as I was able to taste my own *** on his **** from where he'd just been...
We were quite a way into a long session by now, and he still managed to **** my mouth for a good long while, before I felt him tense up, and felt the rythmic contractions along his thick shaft, and so I could taste it all, he pulled it back, so the ****-head was in my mouth rather than my throat, and pumped it all in, as I gently suckled it, and made the last final few drops empty themselves into my mouth....
So tasty.
We kissed deeply after that, and then went on to some more anal sex, before we both needed a break for a cigarette and a coffee...
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There are many times when I wish I was a woman too! No problem!