It's Not The Same If You Don't

The ****** is the most intense part of the whole *******. It's not called a "climax" for nothing. Swallowing means increasing the stimulation (taking him in the root, tightening the lips and tongue, pulsing with your tongue and throat muscles in sync with the ejaculations). There's no other way to do it without spoiling the greatest moment we have.

It's such a shame to interrupt an ****** by "switching to manual." The sensations are just not the same. If they were, we'd all be as happy with handjobs. And it invariably means that the **** goes without any stimulation during the switch. No matter how quickly you do it, the break in stimulation will reduce the intensity of the ******.

This is why I would never do it any other way. I have gotten to like the taste of *** but if you finish off a guy correctly you don't really get to taste much. Letting him come in your mouth and then spitting can result in a decent ******* but he misses the exquisite feeling of the throat muscles massaging his cockhead while he comes. If you do it right he will feel you swallowing. Besides, it's so wonderful for both of you to keep him fully sheathed in your mouth after he comes. No movements; just letting him shrink while you use your tongue to gently keep him swaddled as he softens. What's the point of keeping his *** in your mouth for these extra seconds, only to spit when he does pull out? You would certainly taste more of it.

The bottom line is that you can't give a perfect ******* without swallowing.
ceanothus ceanothus
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

i agree. thats how its done. there is just no other way