I Always Think My Dad Is Scared Of Me

I don't know why. But I always feel like people are scared of me, because I went through the craziness of dealing with psychiatrists. I don' want t be a psycho anymore. I hate that people thought so bad of me. I don't need any medicine. I am very, very normal. I just want to apologize to God, and I ask him to not to lead me to Satan. Please, don't lead me into Satan. I want God's comfort, and protection, everyday, until I leave this Earth. I just want to experience my full life, like my grandfather on my dad's side. He's gone now. Everyone was sad, and everyone in my father's family were crying at my father's house. Everybody came, it was so weird, and I will never forget about it. Never. I don't want my sister crying from my death. I have watched so many movies about good people dying, and they were seeing that dead person spirit in their dreams. I know I have to die one day. But I have to understand that God have forgave me, and always will. I didn't mean to, think about those things. I have been selfish, and I apologize for it. For surely I am.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 11, 2010