Part One- My Childhood

I always think of my past experiences in sex. The first one was when I was only 4 or 5 years old and I was playing "Doctor and Patient" game with our neighbor's daughter.She  was the same age as me.She had her pants down and I was injecting her ***** with my finger.Suddenly her mom came in and saw us.She was mad and  screamed at us to stop.

I got older and remember I was playing with my cousins and usually I was touching between their legs.When I think more, I see that even in my childhood I had a lot of interest in sex.I had some rubbing experiences with my male cousins, too.

My first real sex experience was when I was 15 and one of my cousins took me to a brothel house.When I was alone with the ***** he chose for me,I was so embarrassed that I could not have a hard on.Anyways she play with my **** until I had a hard on.I ****** her and came very soon.So my first experience was a lousy one.

I forgot to tell you that I learned to ********** when I was 12.One of my older classmates told me to use soap when I was bathing.It was a little bit painful because soap went in my pee-hole and later started to burn for a while.

Anyways, later I used to go to brothel house more and learned to enjoy sex with less shame and stress.

I am going to write about one exciting experience-when I was still ************-with a girl in my dormitory.

My most exciting one are after my marriage.All I am writing is based on my true personal experiences and I will change the names and locations just for the sake of respecting the other's privacy involved in.

nmdousti nmdousti
56-60, M
Mar 9, 2010