Endless Fear

I am about to turn 45 and the past couple years have been very challenging. first finding myself doing things and.
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and most recently I am finding myself in crisis with gripping fear. Last year I was dating men young enough to be my son and this year I am totally paralyzed with fear. I have always been headstrong and did things people told me I could not and now I can barely take out the trash. is this normal for a midlife crisis?<br />
This past spring in quite my job, moved 2300 miles, which does not help. Especially because at my age work is tough to come by.

I know exactly what you are saying and how you feel. I often say, "I remember being you but I don't remember growing old"

I believe our age is quite complicated and rather confusing. We no longer have our whole life ahead of us yet, we're really not old.

I often take time and wonder what I would do differently if I could start all over again and people weren't lying when they used to tell me that life is to short.

I can't really complain about getting to this age really. Beating stage IV esophageal cancer changed my way of thinking around and I was told me beating it was equivalent to hitting the lottery.

It appears every step, at every age in life has it's short comings. I just worry about what 10 years will be like from now. I miss the energy I used to have. The lust and passion for all life has to offer. I just wish I was lucky enough to date women years younger than me.

You're not alone. My advice is to enjoy, calculate, make wise choices and do what makes you happy since no one knows what tomorrow brings.