Old Men and Young Girls

I used to like older men. I don`t like them anymore. I am somewhat afraid of them now. Maybe afraid isn`t the right word, but I try to avoid any kind of physical contact with older men now. I had 2 very unhealthy relationships with older men, not so long ago.

Still those relationships made me learn much about men and the way they think. I didn`t like what I saw. I always thought older men were supposed to be more mature, but age has absolutely nothing to do with being mature.

I also got to meet some of their firends and they all seem to behave the same way. At home they have families, but they prefer spending time with their young lovers. Some of them just can`t afford to have a young mistress and they feel frustrated. I was always looking for single or divorced men, so I tried not to be with married men, but from what I saw most of their married friends aged from 40 to 60 have young lovers. Those girls are young enough to be their daughters, but still they think it`s just fine to have sex with somebody else`s daughter. I was that much younger from my "partners", too. Now I know it was sick and I never want to do that again.

I think wives shouldn`t always trust their husbands when they say they`re working late, because they`re probably in some young girl`s bed. It`s sad but it`s true.

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I am 23 and my other half is 43... We are so happy. Going on one year ))

Funny, I am 59 and I have never had a younger women show any interest in me at all. I am virtually invisable to younger women

Same here and personally, I don't think I'm that bad looking for a 48 year old man. Personally, I would never even consider dating a women that is young enough to be my daughter. What's the sense? It seems perverse, the generation gap is huge and we all know where it's going to end up.

At the same time, I don't understand why a young woman would want to date a man old enough to be her father. Am I missing something here?

I don't think I was characterizing all older men. (Nor was she.) I shared my own perspective regarding the ones who have wanted to date me. And she was simply sharing her experience with the ones she's known (which is completely valid, by the way) and considering other options. <br />
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If a statement that a woman makes in context to her own experience offends a man because it doesn't apply to "all men" then simply ignore that comment, resting assured in the knowledge that it is not (in fact) all inclusive.<br />
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I don't say that to sound rude, anymore than I think you made your comment to sound rude either. It's just that she was clearly referring to her specific experience with men she's dated. This has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on "all men". If older men take it that way, it is their own bad.. not hers. :)

As Jimmy said, there is a variety of older men who use women as a pastime. Sure. But as you said, (and I happen to agree) men in general can be prone to using women without concern for any moral or ethical boundaries. It isn't just your experience. Fact is, the kind of guy many women are hoping to fall for simply doesn't exist, or is a very rare breed. <br /><br />
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Personally, I have always avoided older men. I find most of them to have something of a lecherous quality that always repelled me. And from what I read here, you've seen it too. <br /><br />
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I see nothing wrong with dating an older or younger person, but you've learned now through trial and error what you don't like. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. :)

First of all, as a hetero man, i always make love to someone's daughter, no matter how old they are.<br />
Secondly, you seem to have fallen prey to a certain type of older men who take youger women as their passtime. Those types are to be avoided at all cost, if you have but a bit of selfrespect.<br />
Since you tend to avoid 'em now, I think you have.<br />
But don't go treating all 'older' men the same way because of the experience you had. I had a bad experience (no, not of the sexual variety) with a truckdriver once but I never blamed the entire truckers nation after that...<br />
What I don't understand is that you fell into the arms af married men, although you were 'looking' for single or divorced guys... it's like saying "I"m going out for pizza" and coming home with chinese food.<br />
Don't get me wrong here, I understand what you mean, I'm just saying that you are rather quick with conclusions.<br />
And that is also sad, but true...

I have been that younger woman on more than one occaision. Yes all three were married but it was my choice and I knew exactly what I getting into. <br />
I am still attracted to older men but certainly want one of MY OWN! :)<br />
Thank you for your honesty.

loona you do come across as a mature young lady. We all stumble through life and you have a lot of it in front of you:). Everyone has a different destiny and different paths of getting there. Just watch out for those potholes. Stay as sweet as you are.

Cntryloner, I actually liked your comment, you`re right. I am not saying that I learned everything I need to know about life and men from my bad experiences, but it all really made me realize what`s right and what`s wrong.

You will not like this comment but, you are "so young" to have went through this. I know at that I age I "knew" I knew what I was doing but here I am almost 50 and I am still leaning. That is what life is about, learning from everything around you. Getting away from that life style was a great step! Now enjoy being around people your age because we all grow up way too soon. Good Luck.